Castrol offers Restart and HeadStart for Production Support

Castrol RESTART is a dedicated technical team to assist manufacturers while Castrol HEADSTART is a webinar series that highlights the latest developed lubrication for various industries.

Castrol Offers Restart And Headstart For Production Support
Photo by MustangJoe on pixabay

Castrol India Limited announced the introduction of two new initiatives to help manufacturing companies with their lubricant-related requirements, as they resume business operations. While the Castrol RESTART offer led by a dedicated team of technical specialists will assist manufacturers to get their production back on track, a webinar series by the company titled Castrol HEADSTART will discuss the latest developments and best practices in the area of lubrication across industries.

Through these initiatives, Castrol India reinforces its commitment to delivering sustainable value and a premium experience to customers even during these challenging times.

Ensuring that lubricants are in the right condition is critical for the smooth restart of manufacturing operations, especially when several units are restarting after months of inactivity. Keeping social distancing norms in mind, the Castrol RESTART offer provides remote assistance and virtual technical support to manufacturers in the industrial and heavy-duty space to test the condition of their lubricants.

Castrol HEADSTART is a series of technical and interactive webinars aimed at keeping companies up to date on the latest developments and best practices in the area of lubrication. The series will see global experts from Castrol come together to foster informative dialogue on a variety of subjects such as rust protection, heavy-duty engine oils and specific topics for different industries like sugar, equipment manufacturing etc.

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