Clivet launches ScrewLine4-i (WDH-iK4) series

Clivet Chillers

Clivet’s new ScrewLine4-i (WDH-iK4) series water-cooled liquid chillers for indoor installation use low GWP refrigerant R513A and inverter screw compressors.

WDH-iK4 series offer SEERs up to 8.60, the range covers capacities from 340kW to 830kW with a single dual-rotor screw compressor and 705kW to 1520kW with two compressors and two circuits. The use of R513A refrigerant, with a low GWP, guarantees an environmental impact that is more than halved compared to traditional R-134a refrigerant.

The unit’s spray shell and tube evaporator reduce the refrigerant charge by 40% compared to a flooded exchanger, and allows an evaporation temperature very close to the supply water temperature, increasing the overall efficiency of the unit. The oil recovery system, which ensures optimum lubrication of the compressor and prevents oil circulation in the refrigeration circuit, optimizing heat exchange.

The WDH-iK4 series offers three operating modes: only cooling, only heating and operation with water circuit change-over. A super-silenced acoustic configuration is also available.

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