Cochin receives advance marine solution for its electric boats from Siemens

Cochin selects Siemens to equip India's first 23 fleet boats with Electric propulsion drive train and automation technologies for safe, cost-saving and reliable operation, ensuring zero carbon emissions.

Electric Boat
Representative image by Dylan McLeod from Unsplash

Cochin Shipyard Ltd., an advance shipbuilder in India, selected Siemens to implement an advance marine solution for India’s first fleet of 23 boats, equipped with electric propulsion and battery integrated technology. 

The Electric propulsion drive train systems will reduce fuel requirements, increase manoeuvrability, minimize environmental risks and make boats comfortable with their modular design. The energy storage systems help in a reliable, uninterrupted supply of power to maximize performance and ensure zero carbon emissions. Additionally, the ferries will also be equipped, with automation systems for safe, cost-saving and reliable operation of the vessels.

Madhu S Nair, Chairman and Managing Director, Cochin Shipyard Ltd, said: “Pleased to partner with Siemens, a leading global technology leader in energy and automation solutions. The advanced marine solutions coupled with automation technologies will improve safety, help us monitor critical functions and result in higher operational efficiencies and productivity. The project is a first of a kind showcase for inland waterways in India. The technologies will also ensure zero carbon emissions placing high priorities on environment conservation. This project perfectly fits in line with CSL’s vision to partner in creating innovative solutions toward sustainable marine transportation.”

Gerd Deusser, Head, Energy, Siemens Limited, said: “We take great pride in partnering Cochin Shipyard Ltd. in modernizing the boats with our innovative and state-of-the-art technologies. The development of the inland waterways will play a huge role in establishing an integrated mobility system for the people, goods and services in Kochi and will, set a benchmark for the nation. Siemens’ leadership in technologies that ‘Transform the Everyday’ and global project management expertise in equipping customers with cutting-edge technologies pave the way for maximizing performance and output. The project also showcases our commitment to decarbonization and environmental sustainability.”

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