ELECRAMA 2020: A smashing hit!

ELECRAMA once again proved to be the talk of the world by showcasing some exceptional futuristic electrical and electronic solutions for industry players. Let’s rewind... - Subhajit Roy, Group Editor


Elecrama 2020 concluded on a high note with around 1,370 companies including 450 foreign exhibitors from 120 different countries showcasing a myriad of innovative, futuristic technologies covering the complete electricity ecosystem from generation, transmission, distribution, power electronics, renewables to e-mobility, automation, and power storage. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Block-chain, the newly launched solutions will take the power sector to the next level.

Organised by Indian Electrical and Electronics Manufacturers’ Association (IEEMA), the focus of this year’s event was on e-mobility, energy storage, start-ups and grid transformation with special attention on small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

According to the organizers, over 3 lakh footfall was recorded during the 5-day show beating the economic slowdown to record a whopping $4.6 billion worth business queries through Reverse Buyer- Seller Meet (RBSM) and Domestic Buyer Seller Meet (DBSM). “We have generated around 400 per cent growth in the numbers and this is a very positive sign for small to big players in the industry. This means there’s more business for everyone across verticals of the electrical and electronic industry,” said R. K. Chugh, President, IEEMA.

Anil Saboo, Chairman, Elecrama 2020 added, “There has been overwhelming support from the global partners to Elecrama 2020 not only restoring its faith on the Indian growth story but also giving a strong impetus to the local industry for being the leading powerhouse of the segment for the next decade.”

7 Wonders of Lighting

In addition to the recently launched 7 wonders of lighting, HPL has further diversified its lighting segment with next 7 wonders, primarily catering to retail consumers. These lights can be connected wireless, are maintenance free, have compact and sleek design, can be remotely controlled and provides longer shelf life. HPL’s latest energy efficient lighting range includes – double side wall light, decor side wall light, zoom light, decor single side wall light, linear light, low bay light, 4-in-1 smart, battens and down lighters.

World Utility Summit

Over 400 delegates from 50 countries participated at the much-awaited 3rd World Utility Summit (WUS) organised during Elecrama 2020. The summit has designed to enhance dialogue between utilities and other stakeholders.

Speaking at the occasion, Mritunjay Kumar Narayan, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Power, said, “Power sector is undergoing a tectonic shift with several challenges at hand. As per one estimation, 30 per cent of global energy demand growth would come from India by 2040. I am happy to share that in terms of installed capacity we are self-sufficient now with 367 GW installed capacity. Although we are at one-third of global per capita power consumption, we are set to meet it as we go onto achieve our vision of 450 GW installed capacity by 2030.” Discussing the future of renewable energies and related challenges, Anand Kumar, Secretary, Ministry of New and Non-Renewable Energy, said, “It is India’s commitment to reduce carbon footprint and therefore, renewable sources have a growing role in the future. We have the targets for 175 GW by 2022 which we are set to achieve. By 2030, we aim to achieve 450 GW. Towards those subsidies need to be paid for. At present, the renewable sector has Rs 17,000 crore loan pending to be paid.”

Spotlight on gender gap in power sector

For the first time, Elecrama created a platform “Women Empower” to discuss challenges and experiences of women in the power segment. The edition featured a series of inspiring talks from the leading ladies of the power sector across verticals. The initiative discussed various workplace challenges, evolving attitude of male gender towards women colleagues, equal pay, facilities in workspace, work-life balance, maternity and work-related issues, and how electricals and electronics industry can be an attractive career choice for women population in India. Developed countries had around 50 per cent of women, while in India has only 6-7 per cent of working women in the power sector. Though IEEMA has about 60 per cent of women working more needs to be done, informed Anil Saboo.

Conductor that reduces losses by 40% !

Sterlite Power has developed an innovative solution to drastically reduce losses in the renewable energy segment. The new product is a combination of aluminium conductor, which has the least loss as compared to other conventional conductors.

“The low loss conductor is highly corrosion-resistant, has inherent strength and very high concentration of aluminium in the defined diameter. It can reduce I²R losses in the transmission line by 40 per cent compared to ACSR conductor and up to 30 per cent compared to Al59 conductor,” Sterlite Power claims.

The bi-aluminium conductor is environment-friendly and helps in reducing carbon emissions. To illustrate the benefit, let’s consider an example of a renewable energy farm with 50 ckm section of 33 kV line designed to carry 30 MW power with a load factor of 0.3.

The use of this newly designed bi-aluminium 381 sq. mm. conductor would reduce line losses by 40 per cent compared to an equally sized ACSR Panther conductor. This translates to approximately 1,30,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent in 30 years. To put this in perspective, this is equivalent to taking approximately 1,500 cars off the road!

EV Charging Solutions

Delta Electronics India unveiled an advanced e-mobility solution AC MAX that will cater to the need of efficient public charging infrastructure. AC Chargers are suitable for both residential and commercial area applications. AC MAX is a lightweight, wall mount EV charger with a high-power output of 22 kW. Delta claims that AC MAX reduces charging time by up to 70 per cent when compared to common 7kW AC chargers.

Futuristic power automation solution

ABB Power Grids announced the introduction of power and automation control solution MicroSCADA X at Elecrama 2020. MicroSCADA X features a next-generation human-machine interface (HMI) enabling an intuitive and adaptive experience that provides clear and simplified insights into customers’ power infrastructure. In India, MicroSCADA is a popular power automation solution used in segments such as electrical utilities, metro and rail transport, oil and gas, infrastructure and in the integration of renewables. Its applications range from power grid SAS (substation automation system) to SCADA for industries, distribution system, rail, metro and airport automation – to list a few major applications.

Digital transformer and digital switchgear

Digital applications in transformer and switchgear enable energy and power operators to have access to a Cloud-based platform that visualises collected data and enables a comprehensive overview of all assets and power grid’s status in real-time. This platform takes the physical technologies the digital way and allows users to actively build the energy future. Siemens showcased digital transformer (Sensformer) and digital switchgear (Sensgear) at Elecrama 2020. Sensformer merges physics and information and ensures digital intelligence for transformers regardless of their product class, size and rating whereas Sensgear digitalises additional high voltage substation equipment, paving the way for the Internet of energy.

Green switchgear

SF6 has been widely used across the industry, from large power stations to wind turbines to electrical substations, because it helps prevent electrical accidents and fires. It exhibits valuable electrical properties, but it contributes to the greenhouse effect, with a global warming potential (GWP) of 23,500 which means 1 kg of SF6 has an impact of 23,500 kg of CO2 on the environment. Understanding the environmental risks associated with SF6, Schneider Electric has launched its SF6-free switchgear at Elecrama 2020. The switchgear uses Shunt Vacuum Interruption (SVI) for switching and pure breathable air for insulation. The new technology offers a sustainable alternative to SF6 switchgear while maintaining an acceptable level of cost that’s necessary for the widespread adoption of sustainable switching technologies.

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