FPT Industrial to achieve Stage V Emission Certification in South Korea

FTP Industrial achieved Stage V Emission Certification for its off-road machine equipment in South Korea.

Fpt Industrial

Increasing its market share has always been FPT Industrial’s priority especially in South Korea. One of the keys to its success is the ability to stay ahead of the curve by providing advance technological solutions in the evolving market.

The latest testament to this winning formula sees the Korean Ministry of Environment (KMOE) issue its first-ever South Korean Stage V Emissions Certificate for off-road machines equipped with FPT Industrial engines. This certification signals that such products can now be directly commercialized for the South Korean market. The new emissions regulation implementation dates are 1st December’20 for Construction Equipment and 1st July’21 for Agricultural Equipment.

Currently, the Certification includes the FPT Industrial NEF6 engine for Cash Crop Medium HD Tractors, Cash Crop Medium Long Wheel Base Tractors and Wheel Loaders whereas further Certifications are in progress. When issuing the Stage V certification, the KMOE also took the specific values and achievements of the HI-eSCR2 patented technology into consideration: the second generation of FPT Industrial’s exclusive after-treatment system. This technology integrates a Particulate Filtration System on an SCR module, which does not require vehicle modifications from the Stage IV solution.

HI-eSCR2 ensures compliance with the Stage V emission regulations and offers customer many benefits. The after-treatment system ensures high productivity, simple installation, high durability, maximized uptime, environmental sustainability and reduced operating costs.

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