GP Petroleums to resume operations

GP Petroleums to prioritise the supply of essential services such as sugar and power industries during the rising spread of COVID-19.

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On 29th April’20, GP Petroleums Ltd (GPPL) said they will resume operations at its Vasai plant prioritizing essential supplies and services such as sugar and power generation industries during the rapid spread of COVID-19 pandemic. The operation has commenced based on the importance of lubricant helping major manufacturing plants to run smoothly. The company plans to operate 80,000 tonnes Vasai lubricant plan at required capacity as per the permission received. Daily functioning will be managed as per government guidelines.

Prashanth Achar, CEO, GPPL said: “Few industries are permitted to open certain sections of their plants, with several precautions, SOPs and with the minimum workforce. We have the necessary clearance from the local authorities and our priority is the essential service sectors. We will prioritise the dispatch of 200,000 litres to Western Coalfields Ltd (WCL) which is one of our biggest and oldest customers.”

GP Petroleums has supplied a various range of sugar lube oils, hydraulics, gear oil and greases to support the smooth functioning of sugar industries in Haryana and Maharashtra during the lock-down. They are also gearing up for production of water-soluble cutting coolant to avoid any major health hazard post the government lock-down. The company will also resume supplies to the truck and agriculture industry, which also come under essential services, as this requires regular repairs and oil service which makes it imperative to supply oil to this segment.

-By Industrial India Content Team

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