Harting MICA encrypts mobile phone connection to cash-in-transit vehicles

One of Europe’s leading manufacturers of armoured cash-in-transit vehicles relies on MICA wireless edge computer, with encrypting technology from Infotecs, to provide remote access to its vehicles via the mobile cellular network.


-By Industrial India Content Team

Cash-in-transit vehicles could be easy prey for criminals hence companies should protect their vehicle accordingly. In addition to armoured protection, an uninterrupted, tap-proof connection to the vehicle is a crucial protective measure. As the vehicles move through different cells of the mobile providers, the special vehicle manufacturer has decided a solution from Infotecs. This solution combines the encryption software ViPNet with the robust MICA® Edge computer from Harting to provide the wireless gateway to the vehicle.

The continuous functionality of the ViPNet software Defined VPN solution, vehicles can be retrieved any time via an encrypted mobile cellular connection. Each time the mobile network is switched the secured connection must be restored, each time the connection is interrupted with other VPN solutions. With the help of a mobile cellular network, vehicles can be tracked in tunnels increasing the security level of cash-in-transit companies.

MICA wireless computers are permanently installed in vehicles and equipped with an E-Sim from Emnify. EMnify’s global roaming service eliminates the need to establish separate mobile contracts with each mobile operator in the different countries where the vehicles are used. It is also possible to transmit the telemetry data of the vehicle manufacturer’s specific bus system for evaluation, using the MICA hardware. This could also prevent vehicle breakdown. Infotecs solution features a very low latency time for data transmission which enhances the installation of remote software updates directly to the vehicles.


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