JGC Group target domestic and foreign start-ups

Representative image by tumisu from pixabay

JGC Holdings Corporation established an investment line totalling 10 billion yen targeting domestic and foreign start-ups in partnership with JGC Japan Corporation, which operates the domestic engineering business of the JGC Group. Within the framework of the investment line, JGC Holdings set up the JGC MIRAI Innovation Fund in partnership with JGC Japan and Global Brain Corporation, an independent venture capital firm. The corporate venture capital (CVC) fund will have total assets under management of 5 billion yen.

JGC Group will invest in domestic and foreign start-ups with innovative technologies and business models catering to building a safe, secure, and sustainable social system via the funds. The themes to be targeted for investment are realizing carbon-neutral, sustainable and resilient infrastructure, enhancing lifestyle quality while looking ahead to the 100-year-life society, and making industries smart.

JGC Group will leverage the networks and judgement possessed by Global Brain, which has a track record of discovering and cultivating promising start-ups inside and outside Japan. It will also generate synergies by combining domestic and foreign start-ups that boast innovative technologies and business models with JGC Group’s strengths, including its technical capabilities, human resources and wealth of experience relating to projects overseas, with the aim of creating client value through the generation of new businesses and the enhancement of service quality.

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