LANXESS plans to expand capacity for Oxone monopersulfate


LANXESS is planning to expand its production capacity for Oxone monopersulfate by 50%. The company intends to invest a lower double-digit million euro sum in its production facility in Memphis, USA.

LANXESS uses Oxone monopersulfate as the main active ingredient in many of its Virkon and Rely+On disinfection products. Demand for these products has increased significantly in recent months due to the outbreak of African swine fever as well as the corona pandemic. The company also sells Oxone as a powerful oxidizing agent for numerous other applications. The capacity expansion is expected to complete in the second half of 2022.

Matthias Zachert, Chairman of the Management Board, LANXESS said: “Disinfection products are important growth drivers in our highly profitable Consumer Protection segment. We expect a sustainable high level of demand even after the corona pandemic.”

Michael Schäfer, Head – Material Protection Products business unit, LANXESS, added: “We also see a growing demand for Oxone in the water treatment sector as well as from the electronics and paper industries. We want to meet this demand by expanding our production capacity.”

The product Rely+On Virkon used in hospitals, laboratories, public institutions and medical equipment can completely inactivate the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 in only 60 seconds.

Oxone is used to clean pool water, thereby reducing the use of chlorine. In the electronics industry, it is applied to prepare surfaces within the production process of printed circuit boards. Paper manufacturers use the product to effectively break down paper products containing wet strength resins during paper reprocessing. Additionally, Oxone is a primary component of denture cleansers.


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