Marathon Equipment introduces Self-Contained Compactors RJ-250SC2

Marathon Equipment Introduces Compactors
Pic by Yue Iris on unsplash

Marathon Equipment, part of Environmental Solutions Group (ESG) and Dover introduced RJ-250SC2, a state-of-the-art raised cylinder, self-contained compactor designed to simplify maintenance procedures, dramatically reducing the need for maintenance, saving money over the lifespan of their units.

James Robbins, Industry Veteran said: “We are very excited about the SC2 as it addresses head-on the maintenance issues customers have been facing since the creation of the self-contained concept. Instead of the traditional crisscross cylinder head design, we engineered a straight-cylinder design and elevated the cylinders an additional foot. This change raises the cylinders out of the liquid waste, making cleanout substantially easier. Additionally, as the cylinders are no longer contained behind the packer head and instead are mounted outside of the box in a fabricated sleeve, cylinder access is both safer and easier.”

Self-contained compactors are essential to grocery stores, hospitals, big box stores, schools and virtually any other business that deals with large volumes of garbage, especially organic waste. Traditional compactor designs, particularly those in wet waste environments, have an issue with the cylinders that power the packer head, as they often reside in liquid waste. That is only further compounded by a lack of cleaning and/or routine preventative maintenance that is common in the industry. All of those potential shortcomings are alleviated with the design of the new SC2.


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