Sensor360 to enable customers to conduct effective maintenance, expresses COO

The sensor technology is a next-generation monitoring and facilities management tool says Rahul Uppal, COO - EEMEA, CIS & SAARC, AAF Flanders

Photo by Kyle Sudu on Unsplash

-By the Industrial India Content Team

AAF International – a brand well-known for manufacturing air filtration solutions sport a comprehensive portfolio. Rahul Uppal, COO – EEMEA, CIS & SAARC, AAF Flanders, while elaborating on the brand and its competencies highlighted that AAF Flanders is the first in India to have an auto-scan test facility for HEPA and ULPA filters. The aim, he said, is to create value-added air filtration as a solution for end-users across the industry.

Uppal spoke on AAF’s new invention – Sensor 360. He said: “Sensor360 is a next-generation monitoring and facility management tool that enables customers to analyze the performance and the maintenance of air filter in an entirely new way.” In addition, he said: “It is the first Internet of Things (IoT) patented technology platform that demonstrates the effectiveness of a building’s filtration system by monitoring particulate levels, differentiates AAF from the rest of the filtration companies. It also provides real-time data on air quality”.

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