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KEI Industries pledged to support India

-By Industrial India Content TeamOn 1st April’20, KEI Industries Ltd pledged Rs. 2 Cr to the PM Care Fund supporting the fight against COVID-19...

Reduction of the late payment surcharge by CREC

-By the Industrial India Content TeamOn the 28th March 2020, the State Government proposed Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) a legal request to reduce...

Hines and Conscient engage in joint venture – ‘Elevate’

-By the Industrial India Content Team International real estate firm – Hines and Conscient Infrastructure has formed a joint venture to develop a premium residential...

Grundfos showcases sustainable solutions at ACREX 2020

-By Industrial India Content TeamGrundfos India, a global pump and system manufacturer showcased its energy-efficient and sustainable HVAC systems at ACREX 2020. They are...

Vertiv decodes the proliferation of Hybrid Computing Models

-By the A&R Content TeamAs the world charges into 2020, organizations increasingly will forego the enterprise-or-cloud debate that dominated C-level conversations in recent years...

Sterlite Power in Brazil Advances its Business Strategy

-By the A&R Content TeamSterlite Power in Brazil celebrates another milestone in its history with the conclusion of the sale of three assets...

Wienerberger India Pledges to Save Water

-By Industrial India Content TeamWienerberger India presents an innovative solution called ‘Porotherm Dryfix’ in Bengaluru on the 21st March’20. Porotherm Dryfix cost-effectively accelerates wall...

India is well-positioned to conduct a technological leap to district cooling: Thermalfrost

How do you read the market for District Cooling solutions in Canada, what are the shifts in terms of the solutions offered by the...

Reducing Costs with Gandhi Automations’ Dock Seal & Shelter Solutions

Sealing in ValueA dock seal is a system of vinyl covered compressed foam padding which lines the edge of a loading dock door....

Testo displays versatile HVACR measuring technology at Acrex 2020

Testo India being a silver partner for Acrex 2020, had a stall at India’s biggest HVACR show – Acrex India 2020 at India Expo...

Thermal battery for commercial refrigeration

One of the roadblocks to the penetration of perishable and dairy products in the rural segment is unavailability of reliable power. There is a...

Strategies for ameliorating energy efficiency in HVAC

Increased standards of living coupled with dwindling supplies of fossil fuels have forced investigators to focus on the issue of energy use in buildings...

Careers in HVAC industry

We all need a good environment around us to make us comfortable, effective, more productive etc. Just 100 – 150 years ago, workplaces were...

Estimating Growth: FM and building automation

India is an emerging and complex market in terms of real estate, and the sector can be further accelerated by the progress of Facilities...

How to improve HVAC efficiency

According to a market report research, the Indian HVAC market is expected to reach USD 5.9 billion by 2024, progressing at a CAGR of...

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