Tata Motors to raise commercial vehicle price from January

Tata Motors to increase, the price of its commercial vehicle range, from 1st January 2021 via appropriate price revisions.

Tata Motors
Representative image by Freepik

Tata Motors, India’s leading vehicle manufacturer, stated there will be a price increase across its commercial vehicle range, effective 1st January 2021. 

The steady rise in material and other input costs, the impact of forex and transition to BS6 norms, have cumulatively escalated the cost of manufacturing vehicles. The company had thus far been absorbing the addition in costs but with their steady rise in line with the market trend, it has become imperative to pass at least some portion of the cost increase to customers via appropriate price revisions.

The price increase is expected, across the portfolio of M&HCV, I&LCV, SCV & Buses. The actual change in price will depend on individual model, variant and fuel type. Tata Motors will continue to offer best in class value in each segment with a low total cost of ownership and increasing profit potential for vehicle owners.

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