Trezi Academy offers robust addition to the architecture curriculum at Chitkara University


Chitkara University embraces Trezi Academy to offer budding architects an opportunity to equip themselves for the professional world. Trezi Academy provides a robust, future-ready plugin that enables a skill-intensive curriculum for universities and students to be better prepared for a digital-first career.

Even though the current curriculum creates profound thinkers and designers, they often find themselves challenged when confronted with technology in the professional realm. Trezi Academy, currently offered at Chitkara University, aims to bridge this gap by not just, creating a better understanding of Immersive technology while encouraging students to analyze its significance in Professional Practice. Trezi encourages students to utilize immersive technology to enhance their design understanding and reinforce design communication and discussions. 

Additionally, students also gain a keen understanding of the hardware associated with VR, thus generating a well-rounded knowledge of Immersive technology. The course is reinforced by a list of recommended reading and YouTube channels and videos that offer a more comprehensive range of possibilities and an insight into how professionals accept, understand, and apply Immersive technology through the various facets of design.

Gautam Tewari, Co-Creator, Trezi said: “Having worked within the AEC industry, we have experienced the challenges faced by budding professionals first hand. Through Trezi Academy, we aim to ensure that every student is equipped with the necessary digital skills to ensure their design thinking and abilities are proficient as well as utilized at their maximum potential within the global professional practice.”  

Prof. Kanika Bansal, Deputy Dean (Academic Affairs), said: “I am indeed delighted at the introduction of Trezi into the architectural curriculum at CSPA, which is a first of its kind initiative pan India by an architecture school. Since the adoption of 3-D modeling & immersive technology is the way forward in the digital world of design as it changes the way we think and create, I am sure Trezi trained students at CSPA will have an extra edge in the field over their contemporaries and design iconic structures in the future.”

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