Wienerberger India Pledges to Save Water

On the occasion of World Water Day, Wienerberger India tells us how the Porotherm Drfix System can reduce water usage at Construction Sites.

Josue Isai Ramos Figueroa on Unsplash

-By Industrial India Content Team

Wienerberger India presents an innovative solution called ‘Porotherm Dryfix’ in Bengaluru on the 21st March’20. Porotherm Dryfix cost-effectively accelerates wall construction with minimal resources, in an eco-friendly manner resulting in faster delivery of building projects. Wienerberger India being a leading manufacturer of sustainable building materials, pledges to save water on constructional sites. The core focus of presenting Porotherm Dryfix on 21st March’20 is to highlight the World Water Day that’s observed every year on the 22nd March.

As per the IBEF report, the real estate sector is expected to contribute thirteen per cent of the country’s GDP by 2025. However, the latest NITI Aayog report exhibits that six per cent of the GDP would be lost by 2050 due to water crisis. Indication the importance of efficient water management at construction sites. Monnanda Appaiah, MD, Wienerberger India, adds, “There is an urgent need for greater water vigilance and judiciousness at the stage of material production, whether it is during the making of bricks, steel or other construction material. Urban planners are already looking at reformulating their strategies to manage urban sprawl and growth on a more sustainable basis. Wienerberger is empowering these efforts through continuous innovation and development of smart and future-ready solutions for the building and construction industry. Our product Porotherm Dryfix System, a dry mortar system, can entirely replace the conventional mortar and help build walls without the need for curing. Thus, saving precious natural resources like water and sand.”

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