Greg Alcorn proposed for Beijer Ref Board


Beijer Ref seeks to re-elect its current board of directors at its upcoming AGM, minus Chris Nelson, recently appointed President of Carrier’s global HVAC products and services business. Representing Beijer Ref’s largest shareholder, Gregory Alcorn, Carrier’s Vice President of global partnerships, has been proposed as his replacement.

The Beijer Ref election committee proposes the re-election of Bernt Ingman, Joen Magnusson, Peter Jessen Jürgensen, Monica Gimre, Frida Norrbom Sams and William Striebe. Alcorn has been chosen for his broad industry experience within HVAC and experience of sales and leadership. He has been with Carrier’s parent company UTC for 25 years, and with Carrier for the last 19 years.


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