Hyperturn 65 Powermill increases productivity in complex machining

More clearance, more power, more possibilities: With a spindle distance of 1400 mm, a powerful counter spindle allowing for 4-axis machining, a B-axis with direct drive for simultaneous 5-axis milling operations on complex parts, an additional Y-axis for the lower turret and all of the tried and tested characteristics found in the Hyperturn series, the powerful Hyperturn 65 Powermill is the ideal complement for your machine pool.

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Hyperturn 65 Powermill increases productivity in complex machining

The Hyperturn series has been designed to achieve further productivity increases in series
production. Complex and sophisticated turning, drilling, milling and gear cutting operations can be carried out in only one work process; there is no need for re-clamping or temporary storage. The workpiece precision has been enormously improved, whereas it is possible to reduce the overall production times, the space requirements, the tooling expenses and the personnel costs to a significant extent.

In contrast to comparable models, the Hyperturn 65 Powermill features a spindle distance of 1400 mm, which results in significantly more space for simultaneous machining on the main and counter spindle. With 29 kW and 250 Nm on the main and counter spindle, the machine has enough power to machine one workpiece simultaneously with two tools. This so-called “4-axis machining” is another advantage when it comes to increased productivity. Another “top performer” is the milling spindle. With 22 kW, 60 Nm and 12000 rpm, it stands for high productivity in the complete machining of complex workpieces. Thanks to its directly driven B-axis, the Hyperturn 65 PM achieves high dynamics and contour accuracy in simultaneous 5-axis machining. The non-productive times related to tool changes are reduced as well. Thanks to the additional Y-axis on the lower turret, it is possible to perform comprehensive milling operations in parallel with the milling spindle’s machining operations.

The 40-, 80- or 120-station tool magazines with HSK-T63 offer more options for complex complete machining with low set-up requirements in the manufacture of individual parts and high stability in turning and milling operations. The integrated tool magazine does not need to be disassembled for transport purposes, which results in shorter commissioning times and reduced transport costs. The frontal arrangement simplifies the set-up process and ensures ergonomic working conditions.

A new generation of tool turrets with BMT interface and direct drive offer increased stability and precision. The performance data, which are similar to those of a milling machine, allow for the complete machining of turned and milled parts. With automatic bar machining and/or piece goods loading using a robot solution or an EMCO gantry loader, the potentials for increased efficiency in automation can be exploited very well.


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