Pure Watercraft Joins ZETA to encourage electric boating

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Pure Watercraft, the electric boating technology leader, joins the Zero-Emission Transportation Association (ZETA), the national coalition of electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers, charging companies, utilities, suppliers and others advocating for 100% of EVs to be sold by 2030.

Pure Watercraft is the first member of ZETA to focus exclusively on electrifying off-road vehicles and vessels, starting with the Pure Outboard and integrated electric boats introduced in 2021. While electrified on-road vehicles have captured substantial attention, the boating industry continues to be dominated by gas-powered engines.

Recreational boats are an often overlooked source of emissions. Because gas outboards don’t use catalytic converters, replacing one with the Pure Outboard has the same impact as replacing ~125 gas cars with electric in terms of cancer-causing emissions (carbon monoxide, oxides of nitrogen, and hydrocarbons). As for carbon dioxide, in the United States, recreational boats generate as much as buses.

Andy Rebele, CEO, Pure Watercraft, said: “We are proud to join ZETA’s coalition of electric mobility thought leaders to promote the benefits of electric vehicle adoption for customers, the U.S. economy, and the environment. We fully support ZETA’s goal of a zero-emission U.S. transportation & mobility sector, which will accelerate the adoption of electric propulsion on our roads, mountain trails, and waterways.”

Joe Britton, Executive Director, ZETA, said: “Pure Watercraft’s leadership in the electrification of marine vessels adds an important voice to ZETA’s membership. The rapid transition to a zero-emission U.S. transportation sector must also include off-road vehicles and vessels, and the addition of Pure Watercraft to our membership explicitly highlights the applicability of our education and legislative initiatives to the electrification of all vehicles and vessels.”

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