Fischer Connectors’ Compact UHD Audio/Video Solutions Provide 18 Gbit/s Data Transfer Speed


Fischer Connectors Introduces High-Speed Connectors & Cable Assemblies for UHD Audio/Video Data Transfer at 18 Gbit/s, Suitable for Challenging Environments, on par with HDMI 2.0 Performance.

“The speed of our audio/video connectivity solutions, 18 Gbit/s, is equivalent to the HDMI 2.0 standard widely used in 4K cinema projectors and Ultra High Definition home TVs,” Stéphane Antonetti, Product Data Expert at Fischer Connectors, adds. “Because Fischer Connectors’ circular connectors are rugged by design, they combine the best of both worlds, providing design engineers with a versatile portfolio of high-speed, high-performance connectivity solutions for a wide range of harsh-environment applications.”

Fischer Connectors’ Latest UHD Solutions in the Fischer MiniMaxTM and Fischer Core Lines Provide 10,000 Mating Cycles, 360° EMI Protection, Varied Sealing Levels, Hermeticity, Sterilization Capabilities, and Three Locking Mechanisms (Push-Pull, Screw, Quick-Release).

Fischer MiniMaxTM UHD connectors in’size 08′ have a tiny, lightweight design with 19 contacts, ensuring high-quality digital signal transfer. Ideal for demanding applications such as aerial imaging, particularly with high-resolution cameras in military drone operations.

UHD audio/video communication is critical in scientific, industrial, instrumentation, test, and medical applications, especially with 4K camera systems. Fischer Core connectors, such as the size 104 with 20 connections, are widely used in many varied industries.

Custom cables for Fischer Core and Fischer MiniMaxTM UHD audio/video connectors are available, as well as pre-cabled plug-and-play options.

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