No response from DISCOMs for power off, SECI tells Azure Power

Azure Power
Representative image from Pixabay

Azure Power continues to work towards signing PPAs for the 4 GW manufacturing linked tender for which a Letter of Award (“LOA”) has already been received. The Solar Energy Corporation of India (“SECI”) has informed us that so far there has not been adequate response from the state electricity distribution companies (“DISCOMs”) for SECI to be able to sign the PSAs at this stage even though we have a LOA. SECI has mentioned that they will be unable to sign PPAs until PSAs have been signed, and they have committed to inform Azure Power of developments in their efforts with the DISCOMS.  Capital costs, interest rates and foreign exchange rates have improved since Azure Power won the 4 GW auction a year ago which have resulted in lower tariffs in other recent SECI auctions. We expect these savings likely will be passed on to state electricity distribution companies (DISCOMS). We expect a tariff markdown from the price discovered in the auction, which will facilitate signing of PSAs. Furthermore, we will continue our discussions with SECI towards signing PPAs in respect of the 4GW tender and expect the PPAs to be signed in tranches over a period of time. We will continue our policy to only take on contracts that create shareholder value and earn returns that are above our cost of capital.

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