Paperex 2023: Premier Global Paper Exhibition Featuring Leading Brands and Cutting-Edge Technologies


The 16th edition of Paperex, the world’s largest paper exhibition, will host prominent global paper industry brands, showcasing cutting-edge technology and eco-friendly products. Taking place from December 6-9, 2023, at the India Expo Centre in Delhi NCR, India, this event coincides with India’s robust paper sector, currently boasting 861 paper mills, of which 526 are operational, with a combined capacity of 27.15 million tonnes. Notably, paper consumption in India is projected to experience an annual growth rate of 6-7%, reaching 30 million tonnes by FY 2026-27, driven by educational initiatives and the expansion of organized retail.

India’s per capita paper usage, at about 15 kg, lags far behind the global average of 57 kg.

India, the world’s fastest growing paper market, coincides with economic growth. Forecasts indicate a proportional increase in paper consumption in relation to GDP. A one-kilogram increase in per capita consumption results in a one-million-tonne increase in demand.

Paperex is a comprehensive business platform for the paper sector, providing face-to-face interactions to discover new technologies, machines, raw materials, and alternative suppliers. It assists many stakeholders, such as merchants, printers, converters, and paper packaging companies, in exploring a diverse range of papers and promoting international trade links.

Paperex 2023, recognized as the world’s largest paper exhibition, anticipates replicating its triumphant 2022 edition. With over 700 top exhibitors spanning 20 nations and numerous international trade visitors, the event has garnered remarkable industry enthusiasm.

Paperex is a comprehensive business platform for the paper and associated industries, with co-located events spanning the World of Paper, Tissueex, and Corrugex, highlighting varied areas such as paper, printing, packaging, tissue goods, machinery, and technology.

Concurrent business programs and activities include an IARPMA technical conference on “Paper Industry-Growth & Sustainability Through Green Technologies,” open seminars on paper-related sectors, networking sessions with trade associations, and exhibitors presenting new products and services.

Paperex provides an opportunity to study cutting-edge technology, machinery, and raw materials for paper manufacture, attracting global customers from various industries such as paper and board, printing, packaging, and investors. It is a prime venue for international expansion and collaborative ventures, attracting both Indian and international industrial players.

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